Introducing Yyeno.

Everything you need, to say what you need to say.

After the collapse of the commenting system on some of the major online media publications, it became very clear that users’ opinions were no longer part of the media narrative. From that perception, a new opportunity presented itself. And within several months, we had built the solution.

What is Yyeno?

Yyeno is a simple, user-friendly platform that seamlessly enables anyone to start conversations and share opinions from a touch of a button. It’s a platform where you can Have Your Say on topics that matter to you. Yyeno’s aim is to bring the small and big discussions you often have with friends and family at home into the digital space. The stuff you say over a barbecue, or the debates you share with your colleagues during lunch; those conversations can now find home at

How did the name come along?

Because all topics on Yyeno always present the user with only two options—very much like Morpheus in The Matrix presenting a red and a blue pill to Neo—a user on Yyeno has to pick one of two responses in order to enter a created topic; and that choice will be a view which the user must defend and live with. In a nutshell, the name Yyeno comes from Yes or No (You decide YE / NO).

How does Yyeno add value to anyone?

With categories ranging from Business to Entertainment and from Politics to Sport, Yyeno gives anyone an array of interests to choose from. It also provides options upon which you can create topics for people to engage in.

For example, a radio Dj can pose questions on Yyeno and invite his or her listeners to join in and engage. Similarly, a blogger can share a summary of her blog post, along with a question, and invite her readers to share their responses to the topic. Perhaps friends, after a heated debate at a party, can continue their disagreements on by re-creating the topic they had not finished at the party. Even brands who may need to gain consumer insight may start a discussion on Yyeno and let the users share their opinions.

The platform can be different for anyone; but one thing is for sure; Yyeno empowers anyone to have a say. Join the conversation, pick your side, have your say.

Quick facts about Yyeno:

  • Founded on July 14, 2015. Beta launch on November 15, 2015.
  • Founded by brothers Kamo Moeng (Lead Developer), Paul Moeng (Innovation & UI Designer), together with friends Thabo Mkwanazi (Social and community manager) and Mogale Petje (Innovation & Strategy).
  • Built using HTML accompanied by PHP, Javascript and a combination of JQuery frameworks.
  • Developed on Bootstrap Framework for a sleek, intuitive and responsive website.
  • Our mission is to become the premier platform for discussing the latest news around the world.

More information

If you would like to get more information on Yyeno please contact us.

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